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how they’ve done so is rather novel as well
04-30-2021, 12:36 PM
Post: #1
how they’ve done so is rather novel as well
"Off-White and NEUE ANKÜNFTE are serving up a re-release of their second Chuck 70 drop, clad with white canvas uppers, bright orange zip-ties, and Virgil Abloh’s signature bold striping on the insoles. Originally releasing in October 2018, this sequel to the original Off-White Chuck 70 from “The Ten” was far less interpretative than the one seen in the “Ghost” grouping, opting for straightforward, statement design cues that have championed the Off-White and Chuck 70 aesthetic over the years.
COMME des GARÇONS PLAY, though often looked at as lesser relative to mainline, HOMME PLUS, BLACK, and the like, is still quite notable for one thing: the PLAY Heart. Designed by Polish artist Filip Pagowski, the wide-eyed graphic adorned tees, hoodies, cardigans, and even the beloved BESTSELLER. The latter has made waves throughout the streetwear scene, and though now considered overplayed, the collaboration still lives on and likely sells well to boot.
And how they’ve done so is rather novel as well. Rather than stick the heart right along the profile like previous iterations, the took a bit of time with their placement. The print dresses the heel and side in oversized form, stopping abruptly right at its halfway point due to the midsole. These, then, wrap across the entire heel, clad in either black or red paint, both contrasted against the grey canvas backdrop. Foxing stripes color to their respective lead, branding marks the insole, and the signature cap toe tints a vintage-esque ecru.
But that won’t be until after Monday. Ye’s Three Stripes battalion are striking us first thing with the return of the Yeezy Desert Boot. Its “Taupe Blue” coloring will then be checked by not one but two Dunk Low colorways: the “Wolf Grey” and the “Medium Curry.” Off-White’s converse outlet is also getting a restock the following Tuesday, but afterwards, we should sail smoothly into the weekend.

[Image: converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-lift-clea...oe-963.jpg]"
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