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The creators of Threes are back with a game about killing giant beasts.
04-07-2021, 06:13 PM
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The creators of Threes are back with a game about killing giant beasts.
[Image: Screen_Shot_2021_04_06_at_2.54.58_PM.png]

Threes designer Asher Vollmer is launching a new studio Vodeo Games and announcing the company's first game, a turn-based adventure called Beast Breaker.Beast Breaker stars Skipper, a tiny rat warrior fighting mosaic monsters. The game relies on tactical choices through pinball mechanics.

Players can also craft slotxo ทดลองเล่น equipment to aid them on their journey. Heading to Nintendo Switch and PC this summer, Vodeo released a short trailer alongside today's news showcasing fast-paced gameplay and a colorful art style.On its website, Vodeo said it plans to release a small, intimate game full of complex and interconnected

systems that could take years to fully master every year. The studio is mocking a second story as part of its roadmap for a number of projects.Since its release, Threes Vollmer has continued to work on other experimental projects, including a simulated dynasty, low-light Farmer, and Apple Arcade's fantasy-named Guildlings.
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