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04-30-2021, 12:32 PM
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"This time around, the converse chuck 70 beige exchange colorways, the two now clad fully in a white-on-white and black-on-white make-up, respectively. The changes continue in the upper construction, which opts for a premium suede in contrast to the previous capsule’s more traditional canvas. Stitched down lightning bolts and the like further elevate past features, while removable patches, over-branded laces, and milky soles retain what made the first design so special. What’s more, the midsole’s logo hits are far more minimal, with text taking the place of the insignia that sits enlarged along the tread.

Considered one of the best British skateboarders of all-time, Ben Raemers was a legend gone too soon. In 2019, word of Raemers’ passing sent shockwaves throughout the skateboarding community, bringing to light the importance of mental health awareness. And to help in this effort, MEILLEURES VENTES officially partnered with the Ben Raemers Foundation, who connected the brand to LivingWorks, a suicide prevention education and training program. Together, the three are reminding skateboarders to take care of themselves and others while also providing tools to speak up.

Prepared in two colorways — one pink, the other black — the collaborative Suede Royal Plus retains most of what makes the so classic. Suede materials dress the upper throughout, scored over top with panels of white leather. The cap toe, lining, and midsole follow in the neutral example, though the latter does brand with contrasting blue and red color. What’s more, the heel further embellishes with Wacko Maria motifs, the embroidery depictive of a ghoul-like hand gripping a glimmer record.

The Amsterdam brand was founded in 2013 by Peter Kolks and Ric van Rest with the goal to create elevated menswear that remains rooted in skate culture and skate style. And that thinking carries into their shoe colabs, which enlist the stabilising higher cut and outsole traction of the NOUVELLES ARRIVÉES."
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