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Join hands 'Plastic bags for life'
05-01-2021, 05:10 PM
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Join hands 'Plastic bags for life'
[Image: _118275710_coopbag.jpg]

The co-op becomes the promotionslot latest supermarket chain to say it stops selling. "Plastic bags for life"The retailer, which has 2,600 stores, said many people used the 10p bag just once before throwing it away.The co-op said the move would require 29.5 million plastic bags for life, or about 870 tons of plastic depleted every year.Earlier this month, Morrisons said it would remove all plastic bags from stores within the next year.The Co-op said it would replace plastic bags with compostable shipping bags that sell for 10p "when the current stock is out of stock".

Jo Whitfield, chief executive of Co-op Food, said the lifelong use of bags has led to a sharp increase in plastic use.With 1.5 billion bags sold each year by retailers, this is still a huge problem for our industry as many buyers shop for the so-called" Bags for Life "for one-time use and is a very important issue. Increase the amount of plastic that can be produced.Co-op also published a new report, "Bag to Rights," detailing some of the government's use of plastic bags.Plastic bag storage, already 10p in Scotland, is set to double to 10p in England next month, however, the Co-op wants to see a minimum price for a reusable bag set at 50p to encourage. Customers use more More than once

They also wanted all single-use tote bags to be compostable.Ms Whitefield also said: “We believe that all retailers should be compelled to report the sale of all reusable bags, not just single-use bags.Co-op is now the only major retailer reporting on all the bags they sell. This policy will help to understand the impact of taxation and the real impact on shopping behavior when customers are on the go." Make a decision. "
Earlier this month, Morrisons said it would switch from the offer. "Plastic bags for life" is an alternative paper.In recent years, all supermarkets have tried to cut back on plastic.Waitrose is currently experimenting with removing the 10p bag for life from multiple stores.

Our trial is ongoing. But we've already seen a drop in our pockets as it was intended, suggesting that our customers at eight of our trial stores are taking it back, which is huge, and we're optimistic. About a wider release In the near future, ”the spokesperson said.Sainsbury's has said the 20p life bag is to encourage customers to come back and reuse it and are made from 100% recycled plastic.Asda has defended its continued use of plastic bags throughout their life, saying they are "A sustainable alternative to single-use tote bags ... especially considering the CO2 emissions associated with the paper bag manufacturing process
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