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Indians in Britain send prayers and help amid the coronavirus
04-28-2021, 03:40 PM
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Indians in Britain send prayers and help amid the coronavirus
[Image: _118234632_rt_20210427_1355_1.jpg]

Images of the people in India asking for oxygen during the country's record-breaking coronavirus have shocked and shaken the world. And no one is more shaken than the Indian diaspora around the world So how did the people in the UK respond to the crisis?In a Hindu temple in Wembley, northwest London, a small group is chanting a special chant for people thousands of miles away.Hanuman Chalisa is a devotional hymn believed to have immense power to help those in need.But for many in the UK's Indian community, their thinking is also in how to help.No member of the IDP was not exposed to the incident in India. Mano Chabadel, president of the British Asian Trust, said.

I have a lot of families in เกมสล็อตxo India, my sister is a doctor, my niece and grandson are a doctor, we hear terrible stories, it's amazing how the challenges have increased exponentially over the past week.The trust, operated by Asians, England to support the development program, is focused on "The single most obvious and current danger" to the people of India is the lack of oxygen.Oxygen for India Appeal has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to buy an oxygen concentrator, a device that can deliver rich gas directly from the air to treat patients when hospital supplies are under stress.Trust is not alone: ​​another independent Gofundme campaign run by British Indians has achieved an initial goal of £ 160,000 - enough to buy 200 oxygen generators in just one day.

The total is now over £ 300,000.

Badel said the British Asian Trust has helped in the crisis in South Asia for 14 years, but this appears to be different.It felt real, not just for the British in Asia. But for the British in general, the greatest amount of our donations comes from the British who have been watching the news, ”he said.Others in India's vast medical community in the UK have come up with other ways to help.In the evenings and on weekends during a career as a consultant cardiologist in Bristol, Amardeep Dastidar was on the phone to India to offer long distance counseling and support to a far away colleague.

Thousands of miles as they battle the biggest waves of Covid.The second wave of any disease is always difficult because the mental state is completely different compared to the first, ”he said.I was personally hit, my brother got infected, and had to be hospitalized in the ICU for 7 days. It was a challenging time.”He provides support through relatives and friends in India by sharing their expertise in the treatment of COVID and localizing them.Everyone has reached a turning point, I think everyone needs a little bit of support," said Dr. Dastidar.Bapio, the British Indian National Medical Association, is working to expand informal support from

people like Dr Dastidar with a formal telemedicine program to help physicians in India cope with the enormous workload alongside funding. For oxygen equipment
Naremdra Thakrar, chairman of Shri Vallabh Nidhi Temple in Wembley, said the British community in India felt a severe crisis in India.All their relatives were there, some wanted to travel there, they couldn't see their relatives, and some of them couldn't even attend the funeral," he said.As they raised funds and provided oxygen, Wembley demonstrators prayed.As the priesthood, I have a duty to pray for the universe, praying for the whole world, our family, and everywhere it is our responsibility,” said Bhavik Panya, the temple's priest.
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