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How To Fix Issues With Roadrunner email settings?
10-15-2020, 08:20 PM
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How To Fix Issues With Roadrunner email settings?
To use your Roadrunner email on your devices and third-party email clients, you need to go through a lengthy manual email setup. There you need to configure Roadrunner email settings that include email server, port number, encryption type, etc. sometimes, we can make errors while entering these settings and hence face issues with accessing the Roadrunner account. If you think there’s something wrong with your Roadrunner email settings, the only way to fix it is by configuring the setting again. However, this time while setting up your Roadrunner account again, make sure you use the accurate settings. Given below are the correct Roadrunner email settings that you can use for your email setup.

Roadrunner Email settings for IMAP Account
Incoming Mail Server:
Port Number: 993
Encryption: SSL/TLS

Roadrunner Email settings for POP3 Account
Incoming Mail Server:
Port Number: 110
Encryption: SSL/TLS

Roadrunner SMTP settings
Outgoing Mail Server:
Port Number: 587
Encryption: SSL/TLS

In each section, make sure to enter correct account credentials. You need to enter your Roadrunner email address in the Username field and account password in the Password field.
If you still face issues with your Roadrunner email account, feel free to contact Roadrunner Support to get assistance from experts.

Maybe the issue is not with your email setting but somewhere else. In that case, you can try using common Roadrunner troubleshooting steps to fix your Roadrunner email problem on your own. email settings
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