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Don't trust the caller ID on the phone.
05-03-2021, 03:28 PM
Post: #1
Don't trust the caller ID on the phone.
[Image: truecalller.jpg]

UK telecommunications regulators have warned citizens not to trust caller IDs on their phones as they try to help stop people from becoming victims of fraud. Speaking of Radio 4's Money Box, Huw Saunders, Ofcom director, said caller IDs should not be used as a means of verifying callers' identities.More and more criminals are changing caller IDs to disguise their identity, known as number spoofing.This problem is within its scope," said Ms. Sanders.It's an unfortunate place to be. But our partner received the same message in the United States, Canada, France, Australia and elsewhere.

However, he สล็อต acknowledged that Britain was behind other countries such as the United States in tackling the issue.They [the United States] are leading the UK. But that's not a problem that can be solved overnight.It will take a few years. For example, if you look at a comparable situation in France, they now have a schedule for the implementation of a specific technical solution and for a period of three years.In the UK, the current Public Switched Telephone Network is being updated to a new system - Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP.Sanders said that when VOIP becomes available with the goal of the end of 2025, the industry will be able to stop number spoofing.

Only when most people are using new technology (VOIP) we can apply new patches to fix this problem. [Counterfeiting]This is despite other attempts by the telecommunication industry to stop number falsification. But a recent report from the UK's industry finance agency suggests the number of fraudulent incidents, including fake calls - nearly doubled last year to 40,000.However, the real numbers tend to be much higher as many victims will not report bank fraud or their social building, or even tell their family or friends because they feel ashamed or guilty. Each case could involve stealing thousands or tens of thousands of pounds, ruining the victim's life financially and emotionally.

What is number spoofing?

Ofcom describes number spoofing as someone who deliberately changes the phone number and forwarded name to caller ID information.Ope Oladejo, a 21-year-old law student, was stolen nearly £ 2,000 from last summer - the money she saved while working as a carer to help pay for her law courses.Counterfeiting of numbers is the most important part. [Of the deception], At first I wasn't sure but they said 'Check number [We're calling you] on the back of your card.

I checked and it was in sync and that was when I completely let the guard down.
Because the villain believed that OP was speaking to her bank, they were able to get her details and important information, allowing them to steal the money. Fortunately, the money was returned from Ope's bank and she was able to continue her studies. But she said the incident hit her so badly.Emotions really make me sad. I'm just crying about it," she said.Financially, I think it made me smarter," Ope added. She now ignores any phone calls that were not from her friends and family.
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